Silence is not another name for a woman.
I can be quiet, calm, tranquil, peaceful, anything but not silent.
Words weave us together, strengthen our roots so it can connect with the trunk, branches, leaves, fruits to nourish them with stories and conversations.
Our words complete our bedtime stories, emphatic musings, encouragement bytes, tell stories of our tears, and make our life complete.

When we gossip, we actually share stories, we criticise the wrong, we empower everyone, we uplift our sisters, we help them break open doors, we smash our opponents, we fight the hypocrisies and lies to discover the truth. We are not Gossip mongers, Call us storytellers it is in our inheritance to tell stories…

Harshada Pathare

Storytelling is rooted in our cultures and has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to not only share with the world who you are, but open people’s minds in a way that simply telling a set of regurgitated data or facts cannot. Stories allow connection with others, across gender, age and race. There is an actual psychological/biological production of oxytocin in our brains that creates empathy when we feel a connection to another living being. This is important for changing biases and challenging stereotypes of women, especially in settings historically dominated by men, like the field of nonprofit arts.

Dr Michelle Ramos

Storytelling is one of your greatest tools and resources as a woman leader. It has the ability to influence and inspire others to take action. Dastangoi Collective has adapted tales in Dastangoi format and wrote modern original dastans as well. while its okay to make an statement and powerful to raise a slogan but it becomes stronger when we weave a story around the narrative. In India in the last 15 years dastangoi Collective has groomed many women storytellers – Dastangos who organise workshops and dastan sessions in schools and colleges.

Storytelling as personal experience :

Storytelling connects loved ones to the emotions and the worldview that shaped the values that are most important in your family’s history, and that you want future generations to draw upon as they make important decisions. Dastans or stories generate a sense of curiosity to know the other culture, it can generate a debate or conversation among young minds who are going to explore the whole world tomorrow. Women dastangos of dastangoi collective have chosen stories for kids that makes them connected with themselves, their family and surrounding. its important that they keep telling stories.

Women are better storytellers

women are better storytellers. “I think every woman should explore the creative domain as she has better visualisation and can express her thoughts more candidly,”

Kutty Revathy – Tamil poet, writer, feminist cum screenplay-writer